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About HTA (Habesha travel agency)

Welcome to Habesha Travel Agency, we have developed rich experience in hospitality industry, specially, in tourism sector. Habesha Travel Agency is a private company which is established in 2012 by the initiative of Awet tsegay the owner. Since then the company has played significant role in contributing a remarkable portion in both in-bound and out-bound tourism development.



Dervation of name Habesha


The Name HABESHA was first derived from Arabs to the indigenous settler for they are mixed color people which have none Arab complexions and more of Black African and brown color. 

we decided to call the name Habesha to our company in order to demonstrate we have still unique skin color from the rest of the world due to the composition to the south Arabian immigrants

Additionally, it shows the long years trend that the country has developed in receiving immigrants or strangers in curiosity and harmony.




Furthermore, we are always ready to give you our full attentions for any kind of request by our professional and experienced tour operators, guides, and other supporting staffs. Finally, we recommend you not to miss preferring our company to make your holiday unforgettable and enjoyable.